Home sweet virtual home…

This is my personal blog, slowly, very slowly replacing my old personal home page.

I’m a nerd who has started with the Commodore 64. Retro computing, i.e. machines from that era, are still a hobby of mine. On modern hardware I like to write programs in the Python programming language.



If the email field just says JavaScript must be enabled in order to see it, but you can’t or don’t want to activate JavaScript, then think about the domain name, my first name, and apply some common sense to guess the email address. ☺

OpenPGP Key

In times where nearly every authority worldwide wants to read your mails it’s a good idea to put a digital envelope around the electronic postcards we are used to call e-mail. A good, strong and freely available encryption is provided by the GNU Privacy Guard (compatible with PGP).

My key has the ID 0423C655 and the Fingerprint 3A9E AFE2 E506 1C00 A431 D6FC 0352 8F3A 0423 C655