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R.I.P. Tinkerer, welcome ABlog

Tinkerer is dead, or in the words of its author: retired in favor of Baku.

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Finally updated software page

No, not the software itself, that’s still all Python 2. But I finally fixed the links, (long) after Bitbucket stopped hosting Mercurial repositories, from the project pages at Bitbucket. It’s all back to self hosted source archives again.

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Digits int() doesn’t dig

Some time ago I wrote in More Than Just ASCII Digits about all the unicode characters Python’s int() function converts to numbers.

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Chasing a dot on a HTML5 canvas

A forum question about how to detect a collision of two balls for a school project (in Python) lead me to write my first HTML5 <canvas> element code.

Move the mouse over the square below and try to catch the blue dot with the red one.

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More Than Just ASCII Digits

Python’s int() converts more than just ASCII digits. It also converts decimal digits from other scripts.

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A software I use from time to time but a source code I haven’t touched for almost ten years, except for changing some small things when moving from a private Subversion repository to a public Mercurial one hosted at Bitbucket.

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PySensors now under LGPL

I’ve got an email asking why PySensors, a Python binding to libsensors, is released under the GPL. It was because it was written to use the two latest libsensors APIs (3 and 4) and the shared library for the next to last API version is GPL licensed.

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More than nine years passed since I touched the source code of this tool. I still use it on a regular basis and needed/wanted LZMA compression as this has found its way into GNU tar for some time now.

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Table of contents in Tinkerer blogposts

While upgrading the blog software used for this blog I wanted to fix a problem with table of contents (TOC) within blog posts. Activating a TOC with just this reStructuredText directive:

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Pygments highlights CBM BASIC & ca65 assembler sources

Since version 1.6 the syntax highlighter Pygments has support for CBM BASIC V2 and assembler sources in ca65 format. ca65 is the macro assembler of the cc65 C cross compiler package.

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Python – Das umfassende Handbuch

Ein kleiner “rant” über Python - Das umfassende Handbuch von GalileoComputing.

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First Post

And here it is — the first post in my new blog. It is easter and I felt my website needs a little „resurrection”. ☺

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