PySensors now under LGPL

I’ve got an email asking why PySensors, a Python binding to libsensors, is released under the GPL. It was because it was written to use the two latest libsensors APIs (3 and 4) and the shared library for the next to last API version is GPL licensed.

The latest API was introduced in 2010 and the libraries for that are dual licensed: GPL or LGPL. So I decided supporting only the latest API version and relicensing the Python bindings to LGPL.

Removing the code for API 3 made the package much simpler. Before there was the __init__ module wich imports common stuff for both APIs and a sub module for each API version. The api3 module is gone now, and contents of common and api4 moved into the __init__ module.

Changes in package structure (red=deleted, gray=moved):

digraph changes {
node [shape=box];
edge [dir=none];

subgraph {

    "api3" [color=red];
    "api4" [color=gray];
    "common" [color=gray];

"sensors" -> "__init__";
"sensors" -> "api3" [color=red];
"sensors" -> "api4" [color=gray];
"sensors" -> "common" [color=gray];
"sensors" -> "cli";
"sensors" -> "stdc";

"api4" -> "__init__" [color=gray, dir=forward];
"common" -> "__init__" [color=gray, dir=forward];