Finally updated software page

No, not the software itself, that’s still all Python 2. But I finally fixed the links, (long) after Bitbucket stopped hosting Mercurial repositories, from the project pages at Bitbucket. It’s all back to self hosted source archives again.

So the next step would be to port those from Python 2 to Python 3…

Digits int() doesn’t dig

Some time ago I wrote in More Than Just ASCII Digits about all the unicode characters Python’s int() function converts to numbers.

Recently I’ve discovered a discrepancy between those characters and the isdigit() method — there are characters where isdigit() returns True but int() does not convert them.


Chasing a dot on a HTML5 canvas

A forum question about how to detect a collision of two balls for a school project (in Python) lead me to write my first HTML5 <canvas> element code.

Move the mouse over the square below and try to catch the blue dot with the red one.

Sorry, this needs a browser with <canvas> support.